Resource-saving behaviour

Resource-saving behaviour

Straightforward measures, high savings.

Have employees at your company already addressed the topic of energy and the options for avoiding unnecessary energy consumption?

If not, then you should raise awareness of this among your employees as quickly as possible. After all, because they handle the machines and production equipment they are in the best position to know where savings could be made.

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Reduce costs without investment:
by involving your employees

We use comprehensive communication concepts and organisational measures to raise awareness of the importance of efficiency among employees. This lays the foundation for further analysis of the topic and leads to proposals for reducing consumption which could bring about significant cost savings.

Raising awareness of the topic of energy

Raising awareness of the topic of energy

Employees independently research and evaluate energy wastage in the context of an energy experience world consisting of inter-coordinated stations which produces lasting awareness of the effects of high consumption.

Reduction of base load due to organisational measures

Reduction of base load due to organisational measures

Our methodical approach makes it possible to systematically optimise the switch-off times of machines taking production and quality-relevant aspects into account thus ensuring comprehensive reduction of the energy base load and structured implementation with success monitoring.

Our integral training concept:
tried and tested at our own company

In addition to defining the desired objectives, we support you with the planning and implementation of integral training concepts. These were developed in-house and successfully put into practise for a number of years at various locations within Robert Bosch GmbH.

Certified trainers familiarise your employees with accordingly and ensure by routinely monitoring success that costs are also reduced in the long term following implementation of training measures.

Definition of the objective to be achieved Training of employees by certified trainers Monitoring the success of measures following implementation
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