Energy-efficient production

Energy-efficient production

You can thus reduce the base load without compromising quality.

Although analysis of the energy requirements in production is frequently underestimated, it is essential for increasing energy efficiency. Here in particular, consumption can be significantly reduced and costs permanently lowered, also with a short return on investment period. Comprehensive know-how is required to identify the potentials and implement these accordingly. Make use of our standard methods and many years of experience to increase the energy efficiency of your production.

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Reduce the energy costs of production without compromising quality: comprehensive optimisation
of processes and machines.

Did you know that the energy optimisation of your production installations holds enormous cost-saving potentials? We help you to exploit these: by analysing your machines in relation to energy type, temperature, volume flows and operational parameters, identifying the savings potential and making improvements while maintaining the required quality standards.

We can optimise thermal processes, material refinement processes, machining processes or cleaning systems, for example, thus achieving savings of up to 30% for specific machines. Even the deactivation regulation, in other words, the demand-dependent switching off of the production management machines, offers a significant savings potential. This on its own can reduce the base load consumption by between 50 and 75%.

Energy optimisation of existing machines

Energy optimisation of existing machines

Our experts analyse you current production situation, prepare suggestions for improvements to specific machines and calculate the extent of possible savings. We subsequently support the implementation of measures and following implementation continuously guarantee their long-term success.

Energetic maintenance of production machines

Energetic maintenance of production machines

We give you advice on replacing components in existing machines or production plants with new energy-efficient components that continuously and sustainably improve the efficiency of systems and generally increase energy-efficient production.

Consumption in production made transparent.
Using energetic value flow analysis

Our experience and knowledge of the plants makes it easy for us to choose the right efficiency measures: specialised experts record in detail precisely how much is consumed by production machines at every stage in the process. We then identify existing potentials and prepare measures for improving energy efficiency. We adopt a methodical approach in order to identify the existing potentials in your production process extensively and ensure structured implementation of success monitoring.

Recording of main energy consumers Identification of potentials for improvement Implementation of measures identified without compromising quality
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Energy efficiency solutions for the metal processing industry

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