Energy strategy consultation

Longterm planning reliability – systematic and guaranteed

Our consultation establishes a sound basis for making the right decisions for turning your energy supply into a competitive advantage. Taking energy-related general conditions into account, we embed the topic of energy into your corporate strategy and therefore play a part in the future-proof orientation of your company.

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Reduced costs guaranteed:
future-proof orientation of your energy supply

Whatever product you are producing: we know the challenges many industries face as if they were our own and can give you specific support in relation to all energy questions. In this respect we also perform the frequently neglected role of liaising between energy producers, energy sup-pliers, manufacturers of production machines and internal energy consumers and/or producers. During this process, you benefit from standardised processes that ensure maximum planability.

Strategic advice to the management

Strategic advice to the management

Interdisciplinary teams consisting of commercial experts and engineers work out all-encompassing strategies for successful long-term orientation towards the topic of energy in consultation with the managers at your company. Strategic, commercial, technical and organisational fields of activity in relation the topic of energy are taken into account which gives you a sound basis for ensuring an energy-efficient future.

Analysing and improving the carbon footprint

Analysing and improving the carbon footprint

Experts determine the specific CO2 output of your production and prepare a comprehensive range of benchmarks for visualising emissions from production processes. This is the basis for subsequent systematic improvement of the carbon footprint.

Energy management according to DIN 16247-1 or ISO 50001

Energy management according
to DIN 16247-1 or ISO 50001

With us you can introduce energy management systems that cost less and produce optimum results: owing to our many years of experience, you can record all energy flows in the company, optimise your long-term energy consumption and successfully establish the prerequisites for achieving outstanding tax reconciliation.

Analysed individually:
evaluation of all energy-related fields of action

Our certified energy consultants provide you with impartial advice on all energy-relevant topics. We analyse the long-term planning of your company from an energy standpoint, determine the need for action and work out suitable strategic options:

Analysis of the actual situation at the company Forecast of the energy requirements and reconciliation with the corporate strategy Identification of need for action in relation to energy
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